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Top 10 tips to crack CLAT examination 2019

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If you dream to study in top law college of the country then CLAT 2019 is your aim. But, it is not easy to crack this exam. One needs determination and perseverance to clear CLAT. But, how do we get there? Well, we have ten tips for you that will help you in clearing CLAT examination.

Make a timetable

This has been taught to all of us since childhood that we all should make a timetable and follow it strictly. Well, this is absolutely right. If you have not made a timetable yet then make one now. The timetable will assist you in making a proper order to follow each subject. Also, it will help you in building a time frame as some subjects need less time and some needs more time.


Discipline is very important if you want to crack any competitive examination. You have been self-disciplined no matter what. Respect your time and effort and follow your timetable strictly without giving any excuse.

Study material

Get yourself study material which is required to crack the examination. You should be able to get everything that is needed to score good marks in CLAT, books, notes, previous year question papers etc.

Previous year papers

Previous year question papers give you an idea of what is the exam pattern and what kind of question comes in the exam. It generally happens that examinations repeat certain questions which are actually important topics that it cannot be ignored. If you will study previous year question papers, you will find those questions very easily. Moreover, it will enhance your confidence level and make it easy for you to sit in the exam and face question paper.

Believe in yourself

If You really want to achieve something in life then you will have to believe in yourself because if you will not then nobody will. Have faith in yourself and say this to you over and again that you can do it. This will build a new confidence in you and help you in being self-disciplined.

Make notes

It is not important to make notes during the preparation for the exam but I personally suggest that you make notes. It will help you in making a list of important points and the time when you will revise your syllabus before the exam, you will not have to hunt for the important points in the book. Moreover, making notes has the tendency to keep the important points in your brain forever which you never forget.

Time Management

No goal is achievable without the time management. The person who has learned to manage his time cannot be stopped from achieving what he wants to achieve in life. Make a timetable and follow it in a disciplined manner. Time not only teaches you discipline but it also helps you in increasing your efficiency.

Attend coaching

If you somewhere feel then you lack in the preparation of exam and you need guidance then join coaching. Coaching will help you clearing your doubts and evaluating your performances by conducting the mock test.


Revision is a must thing during the final stages before the exam. Revise your notes before you go for the examination. Go through the formulas and tricks again and again. Go through GK/current affairs notes to just brush up on your points.

Be Positive

To crack the exam, it’s very important to believe in yourself. Stay focused and do not lose temper during the stress hours. Then only you will be able to put your best efforts to crack the exam.

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