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How to Crack the NDA Exam in First Attempt?

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There is no feeling of glory that is compared to serving the nation on the borders as an army officer. Every Indian parent wishes to see their child in olive green uniform and every teenager wants to chant “How’s the josh?” with their peers wearing that olive green color of pride. National Defence Academy, as we all know, is the roadmap to that dream, that pride that we see in our eyes.

But, it is not an easy task to clear the NDA exam in the first attempt. We appreciate your enthusiasm and the fact that you are high in josh while you are reading this article but clearing NDA needs much more than mere passion, it needs direction and a plan. We aspire to give you that so that you can clear your exam with the same josh you opened this piece. So, here are tips on how you can crack NDA in the first attempt.

Tips to crack the NDA exam in the first attempt

Plan: To make things possible you need to plan it. Nothing can happen without a plan and a roadmap. You can’t reach your destination if you don’t know the route. Your route is your planning for the exam. So, plan before you perform.

English and GK are important: paper two consists of GK and English. This is a common and important part of the paper. The candidates can score marks in this part easily. So, count it as your strengths and focus on it.

Time: Think about which segment involves more time and which segments involves less and divide your time accordingly. You will have limited time for the paper and obviously, you will need time for practical subjects like Mathematics. So, practice hard and save your time as much as you can.

Stream subjects: The subjects of your stream that you opted in 12th is of great significance like physics and chemistry for science students, history and polity for Arts students etc. The general knowledge is the part which will have a few questions from your stream. So, study your stream well.

Negative marking: The UPSC exams involves a negative marking of 1/3. Therefore, don’t mark the question which you are unaware of. Perform those questions that you know well. Don’t be greedy for extra marks else you will end up losing existing ones.

Stay calm: An exam like UPSC can make anyone nervous. Your nervousness is something very natural. You don’t have to worry about it much but try to stay calm and try not to turn your nervousness into anxiety because it will affect your performance in the exam.

Confidence: Confidence is the key to everything. Whether you give an exam, perform on stage, or give an interview. Be confident in yourself because if you will not believe in yourself then who else will? So, you have to be your supporter and have faith in your efforts. Do not allow your josh to get down at all then only you will be able to perform efficiently in the exam.


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