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How to Boost Your CLAT Preparation

How to Boost Your CLAT Preparation

The way to boost your CLAT preparation is to study all your subjects in detail and manage your time effectively to revise. You can join best CLAT coaching for the proper guidance and support.

Legal Aptitude

Legal aptitude is the most crucial part of study among the students. This section also comprises 50 questions which take more time to answer as compared to the GK section. The questions are about legal principles and facts. This section deals with legal areas of Law of Torts, Law of Contracts and Criminal law and legal GK, the compositions of which may change from year to year. You must keep yourself updated and practice past papers for better results.

General Knowledge and Current Affairs

This section involves the questions which are either from current events and the facts common to everyone to check student’s aptitude. To crack this section student must read newspaper daily and watch news so that student can answer such questions. Magazines or weekly GK updates should also be considered.

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There are 40 questions in this section that test the candidate’s proficiency in English, based on comprehension passages, grammar and vocabulary. The questions consist of passage of 400-500 words of 10 marks. It is advised to read grammar books such as Wren & Martin to improve your English.

Reading a standard newspaper and magazine daily can be very useful. The grammar section includes identifying grammatical errors in the sentences, filling in appropriate words in a given sentence etc.


This section comprises 20 questions of basic mathematics up to 10th standard such as percentage, profit and loss, simple interest compound Interest, average & mixture, time and work, and probability, mensuration, etc. Most of the student has an aversion for this topic so it should be taken seriously. Though the number of question is less in this section, it can prove very important in securing good scores.


The 40 questions in this section determine a student’s ability to identify patterns, logical links and rectify illogical arguments. The questions are mostly based on logical sequence, deductions or syllogism, analogies, odd man out, statement and assumptions etc. Practice plays crucial part in this as more practice leads to more speed and this section is very time consuming so speed matters. You can also make a strategy in which you can focus on selective topics and put your best in it.

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